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Parks Canada

Project Scope

The project consisted of:

  • Migrating the Parks Canada website from Sitecore to Drupal.
  • Implementing the new Government of Canada standards in order to add significant enhancements and improvements to Parks Canada’s web presence.
  • Working with the Drupal CMS to:
    • implement new branding, workflows, and user access controls;
    • determine best options for media and file management;
    • configure various templates;
    • integrate search features for navigating content based on taxonomy and tags; and
    • leverage key Drupal modules.
  • Providing assistance with and recommendations for installing, configuring, and optimizing the Drupal CMS Web Experience Toolkit (WET/WxT) in a Windows environment.
  • Installing Apache Solr with the Drupal CMS to provide a modern, faceted search experience.


  • Drupal consulting and implementation
  • WET Toolkit deployment in a Windows environment
  • Multilingual development
  • Advanced custom filtered geo-mapping
  • Data migration
  • Training and transition
  • Testing

Challenges and outcome

The contracting process and budget posed challenges for project management time and the team switched to an agile development methodology part-way throughout the process, which allowed development to proceed more efficiently. When the project began, the WET Drupal implementation was in early stages of development. Client deadlines required the decision to pin the website development at a beta version of the software to allow progress to be made. This project allowed OpenConcept to help improve the WET Toolkit, providing evaluations of existing procedures and data sources, analyzing functional requirements, and creating a reference document to deploy the WET Toolkit on a Windows 8 Server.


  • Drupal 7
  • WET Toolkit, Apache Solr
  • HTML 5