The West End Well is now our home.

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 09:00

The West End Well

The West End Well is a co-operatively run grocery, café, and meeting space in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighbourhood. It is a hub for food, learning, and the arts that promotes an engaged, connected, and sustainable community. It features local entertainment in the evening, offers programs like cooking and canning classes, and runs workshops on issues like sustainability, growing your own food, and social justice. The West End Well is also a Good Food Box and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop-off site.

Why did we choose to move in the WEW space?

Sharing space with the West End Well is a way to live our values by supporting and participating in our local community. By supporting local businesses, we support our local economy, which benefits all. We share values with the WEW: social justice, sustainability and community, with the common vision of being the change we seek in the world. Through the connections   we will make at the West End Well,  we hope to spread the word for open-source adoption, spark interesting debates, explore new opportunities whether they are business opportunities or opportunities to learn, lead and support social change.

Media Contact: 

Claire-Isabelle Carlier
Business Development and Marketing Manager
613-686-6736 ext. 5