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Statistical Society of Canada

The Statistical Society of Canada is an education institution with the mission to encourage the development and use of statistics and probability.

The project started with the SSC needs to build a more engaging and more efficient web application to retain current members and attract new people. At the same time, the site needed to be upgraded to a more recent version of the Drupal software to allow for better functionality, responsiveness and multilingual content management.

OpenConcept conducted a content inventory, built a content plan identifying new Content Types and Taxonomy structure. Our team also worked on defining User roles and Information Architecture based on User review. This analysis led us to build a navigation based on audience and subjects. Wireframes and mock-ups were then created to facilitate the implementation of the website design. The final result of the Technical Design phase was a solid migration plan that included content mapping, taxonomy structure and Information Architecture.

The project had several challenges, including dealing with multi-tiered Website Administration levels, since each committee composing the SSC needed to have access to specific areas of the website. A custom workflow for Content Publishing was created to allow different committees to review and approve new content before it gets published. To ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the website, a custom WYSIWYG editor was created to allow SSC users to enter content very easily without interfering with the website design.

Membership Management was also complex since the SSC allows for different levels of membership, from students to Employers and Media. All members needed to have access to their account and update their information.

The project featured:

  • Content Review
  • Content Planning
  • Web Design and Logo Design
  • Content Migration
  • Multilingual, Responsive Website Development
  • Membership Management customization
  • Content Publishing Workflow creation
  • Support and Maintenance


SSC Homepage screenshot