OpenConcept turns 15!

Monday, September 15, 2014 - 09:00

Mike Gifford founded OpenConcept in 1999, seeing an opportunity in the web to accelerate change and engage citizens. The company has gone a long way from its early years in Mike’s basement to its brand new premises in the Hintonburg area in Ottawa. With a 10-year focus on Drupal and a recognized expertise in Accessibility and Security, OpenConcept is now one of the most important Drupal shop in Canada.


Quick Facts

1999: Foundation of OpenConcept. Mike Gifford becomes self-employed web developer, helping the Common Front Against WTO coalition of organizations creating online campaigns.

2000: Became contributor then maintainer of Back-End open-source CMS.

2005: Switch to Drupal

2006: OpenConcept becomes incorporated and change its name to OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

2008: First patches to Drupal Core to improve accessibility.

2012: Mike Gifford officially becomes Drupal 8 Core Maintainer.

2014: The whole team moves from Mike’s basement to official premises in the West End Well building on Wellington Street West.

Company capacity: 12 employees.

Media Contact: 

Claire-Isabelle Carlier

Business Development and Marketing Manager

613-686-6736 ext. 5