The Accessibility Unconference's success on CBC Ottawa

Monday, December 8, 2014 - 08:15

OpenConcept was a sponsor at the second edition of a11yYOW, the Ottawa Accessibility Unconference that took place on December 6 at Carleton University. The event aimed to bring to Ottawa the capital's Web industry, as well as the Ontario, Quebec and Canada governments around the theme of web accessibility.

Mike Gifford describes in his interview on CBCOttawa program Ottawa Morning how accessibility has evolved over the past three years: both Government and Businesses have still a lot of progress to make towards better web accessibility, and there is an urgent need to educate people and break stereotypes on accessibility.  


Quick Facts

Figures from Statistiques Canada, Canadian Survey on Disability, December 2013 (ISBN 978-1-100-22946-1)
Total prevalence of disability for adults (15 and above) in Canada in 2012: 13.7% 
Total prevalence of disability for adults (15 and above) in Ontario in 2012: 15.4%
Total prevalence of disability for adults (15 and above) in Quebec in 2012: 9.6%

Type of Disabilities:
- Seeing
- Hearing
- Mobility
- Flexibility
- Dexterity
- Learning
- Pain (most prevalent)
- Memory
- Developmental
- Mental/Psychological
- Others

Presentations at Ottawa's Accessibility Unconference

Wordpress and Accessibility by Jordan Quintal
iOS Accessibility Testing with VoiceOver: A Crash Course By Aidan Tierney
Is it WCAG 2.0 Compliant by Rabab Gomaa
Incoporating Document Accessibility into Your Organization's Workflow by Adam Spencer
Use ARIA Now! by Billy Gregory
How to make your videos accessible by Arthur Rigaud
Media and Accessibility: Broadcast and Digital Best Practices and Techniques for a Blinf and Low-Vision Audience by Robert Pearson
Inform, Integrate and Advocate: Prioritizing Web Accessibility in Your Company Culture by Helena Zubkow
Introduction to the Web Experience Toolkit by Thomas Gohard and Laurent Goderre
Drupal 8: The Leading Example for an Accessible CMS by Mike Gifford
The Mobile Revolution: We Are All Disabled, or Soon Will Be by Denis Boudreau
Cording Accessible Tables by Pierre Dubois
Accessibility explained with Star Wars by Derek Featherstone (Keynote)

Presentations videos and scripts will soon be available on the Accessibility Unconference website.


Media Contact: 

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Business Development and Marketing Manager
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