Drupal Development

By Mike Gifford on 17/04/2007
I've been listening to some very interesting podcasts lately on Open Source Conversations, the best have been focused on the concept of the wiki. The most inspiring have been Mitchell Kapor's Wikipedia and Knowledge Communities and the panel discussion with Josh Bancroft, Ned Gulley and a few others, available in the podcast's archive, Wikis in Enterprises - Wikimania 2006.
It's been a week or so since I listened to Mitchell's talk. Couple things that struck me from this was the fact that despite the fact that Wikipedia is having a huge impact on how we work, and how we will do so in the...
By Mike Gifford on 13/10/2006
Had some fun earlier today setting up an environment to use the drupal htmltidy module in in a Fedora Core environment. The README.txt file in the module was rather brief, but I needed to run the following to set it up on FC5:
yum install php-devel tidy libtidy-devel
pecl install tidy
php-devel is needed to run the phpize and tidy/libtidy-devel are needed to provide pecl with the libraries to incorporate these into php.